The Curious Christmas Trail

Stewart Haley
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It’s Christmas Eve, and under the floorboards of G. K. Chesterton’s home, curious clues lie hidden… Sister Seraphina and the other Sisters of Our Lady Star of the Sea are busy with preparations for the Christmas play and long-awaited feast. That’s enough to be getting on with! But where is Sister Dymphna? The elderly nun is nowhere to be found in Saint Wulfhilda’s Abbey. Outside it’s growing dark, and the snow is falling. The brave search party will need all their wits to avoid danger and follow the trail—wherever it leads!
The Sister Seraphina Mysteries 
2023 Association of Catholic Publishers - Award for Excellence in Catholic Publishing
7.00 x 9.00
Haley Stewart is an award-winning author and the Managing Editor of Word on Fire Spark. Her family lived on a farm for a year, and she wrote a book about it (for grown-ups) titled The Grace of Enough. Haley and her husband have four children, an enormous dog named Samwise, and a grumpy cat named Lillian, but (as far as they know) no mice under the floor- boards.
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