St Isaac Jogues W Burning Heart (Encounter The Saints Series

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St. Isaac Jogues was born at Orleans, France on January 10, 1607 and was ordained to the priesthood, July 2, 1636, as a member of the Society of Jesus. In 1636 he was sent to Quebec, Canada, the fulfillment of his great desire to be a missionary to the Huron Indians. He traveled and worked among the native populations in North America, explaining to them the good news of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. He was tortured and imprisoned by the Iroquois. After his rescue and a short return to France he returned to Quebec on a peace mission. On September 24, 1646, en route to Ossernenon (Auriesville, New York) Isaac was captured by a Mohawk war party. On October 18, 1646 he was martyred by his captors.

Isaac Jogues is one of the North American Martyrs and his feast day is October 19th.

This action packed story is full of suspense and will keep kids both interested and in awe of the courage of Isaac Jogues who chose this dangerous mission in order to tell others about Jesus and to work for peace among the native peoples of North America. Kids will discover that they too can share their faith with others. Sometimes they will need great courage to do so, just like Isaac Jogues.

Ages 8 - 12

SERIES DESCRIPTION: The Encounter the Saints series offers intermediate readers relatable portrayals of the saints. Each story, in a handy format, vividly recreates the saint's place of origin, family life, and corresponding historical events.

4.25 x 7.00
Sr. Christine Virginia Orfeo, FSP, is a Daughter of St. Paul who is currently working in vocation ministry in Los Angeles, California. She is a graduate of Emmanuel College in Boston and holds a Master of Arts in Pastoral Theology from St. Joseph's College in Standish, Maine.
Our 8 year old son really enjoyed this book. He enjoyed learning about Saint Isaac Jogues, and there was a good amount of adventure in it to keep him turning the pages. I love this series of saints books (we have a couple) and are eager to purchase more when we can.

One thing - the book deals with some semi-violent themes (nothing graphic, just the nature of the story of this particular saint), so if you want to do this as a read-aloud I would definitely wait until your kids are 8+.
Monica B, Amazon Review

I read this book to my three boys. We all were on the edges of our seats. What an incredible adventure story - from living with the Huron and being captured by the Iroquois, a daring escape, 17th century cross-seas travel, pirate attacks, horse-rides across France, this story has it all. What an inspiring saint. You do feel his burning heart for Christ. This story is guaranteed to negate any self-pity, as well as inspire gratitude for readily available sacraments. I recommend it to parents and children alike.
S. Dans, Amazon Reviewer

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