St Bernadette of Lourdes The Girl Who Saw Mary Graphic Novel

Ahn Jin-a
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Pauline Books & Media US


This vibrantly illustrated Shoujo-Manga style graphic novel tells the true story of the saint who saw Our Lady of Lourdes!

Bernadette is a shy, ordinary girl from a provincial town. But when the Blessed Virgin Mary appears to her one day, her entire life turns upside-down. Suddenly Bernadette must face fame, ridicule, and the suspicions of authorities who will do anything to keep her quiet. Yet in all this turmoil, a deeper question haunts her heart: what does God really want of her? (for children ages 9 to 12)


The Daughters of Saint Paul are the proud publishers of several high-quality, engaging graphic novels for young readers. Many of our graphic novels are licensed from our sisters in South Korea and have both Shounen and Shoujo Manga-style artwork, including those about Saints Nicholas, Bernadette, Christopher, Philip Neri, Clare of Assisi, and Teresa of Avila.

6.00 x 8.00
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