Shine Choices To Make God Smile

Monchamp Genny
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Pauline Books & Media B
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"God puts the sun in the sky to shine. God put a light in me too. When I show his love to the world, I SHINE!"

A totally fun book that helps children develop Christian character by showing them the positive choices they can make. While the children enjoy the cheerful art and stories, they also relate to the situations and have the opportunity to make their own choice which is presented in an interactive question format.

Kids are invited to build the confidence they need to make the right decisions in their lives. The values Shine promotes are based on the scriptural fruits of the Holy Spirit as contained in Galatians 5.

Ages 4 - 7

6.25 x 7.75
Genevieve Monchamp lives, writes, and plays in sunny northern California with her husband, Clint, three daughters, Kylie, Madison, and Avery, and her tortoise, Lettuce Lips. She is the author of God Made Wonderful Me and is currently working on her next inspirational children's book.

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