Before I Sleep I Say Thank You

Ekster Carol Gordon
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When you teach children how to be grateful, you give them a gift for life.

With bright and playful illustrations, Before I Sleep: I Say Thank You uses a simple bedtime story to help children develop a nightly habit of prayer and gratitude. Before I Sleep takes readers through the nighttime routine of one little boy with his mother. As they reflect on the day, he recalls both things that he could have done better and blessings received throughout his day.

With its roots in the Examen prayer, Before I Sleep takes you through a bedtime ritual that is common to many religions. A parent page explains the Ignatian practice of using the Examen prayer to review the day and a simplified version of the prayer is included for children. Ideal for children ages 4 - 8.

9.63 x 7.25

When not working on her books, Carol spends time doing yoga, reading, and bike riding. She is the author of Where Am I Sleeping Tonight? (A Story of Divorce) and Ruth the Sleuth and the Messy Room. Carol Gordon Ekster was a passionate elementary school teacher for thirty-five years. Now retired, Carol is grateful that her writing allows her to continue communicating with children. She lives in Andover, MA with her husband Mark.

"offers a simple way to introduce children to spontaneous prayer"
- Catholic Press Association 3rd Place Award Winner 2016

"While many families use traditional prayers, this book suggests another option: a method for reviewing the day, talking about what you wish you had done different, what and who you are thankful for, and experiencing how God was there with you throughout the day. Behind this method is Saint Ignatius, who believed expressing gratitude for our lives was the single most important practice of spirituality. For small children, reflecting on the day for just a minute is plenty of time and a simple, beautiful way to end a day. It truly only does take just a moment to give thanks and no matter your religion this method works in starting a new bedtime routine with children."
Regina LaCaruba, Diapers and Daydreams Blog

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