Secrets Of A Soul Padre Pios Letters To His Spiritual Direct

St Padre Pio
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This rare glimpse into the heart and soul of Padre Pio reveals the profound spirituality and humanity of the beloved Capuchin friar canonized by Pope John Paul II in 2002. Beyond the extraordinary events that accompanied Padre Pio's life--such as receiving the stigmata--these intimate letters attest to his personal struggles, concerns, temptations, and fears. The book consists of two parts, each with an introduction by a member of the Capuchins.

The letters are gathered and presented by Florio Alessandro Tessari, O.F.M. Cap., a collaborator with the postulator for Padre Pio's canonization cause, and member of Padre Pio's order.

5.25 x 8.00

"This book is a wonderful read if you too struggle with leading a good Christian Life. This book gives you such a look into Padre Pio's deepest feelings, it opens a window for us to see that no one is alone in their struggles and many of the things Padre Pio spoke of in his letters, I have felt at one time. So this book is a wonderful read and just read a letter a day to see that there is hope in your life and that you can lead a very holy life as long as you keep Jesus close in your heart! It truely is a great book to read!"
Neil (New Jersey), customer review

"You can't deeply know Padre Pio until you read his letters. They are filled with beauty, love, discreet discussion of his dark nights and physical agonies, and of all our struggles. Padre Pio's words are a thousand stars, not just 5. A cornucopia of spiritual gems for the soul."
Happy Loumin (USA), customer review

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