Perfect Blindside

Wahl Leslea
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Nothing ever seems to happen in Silver Springs—until Jake Taylor moves to town.

Fresh off a championship medal, Jake is becoming overwhelmed by everyone who wants something from him: reporters, fans, girls, companies, his parents. He can't figure out who is real and who just wants something. To top it all off, his parents have dragged him to a middle-of-nowhere town in Colorado, far away from his teammates and anything interesting.

Then there's smart and savvy Sophie. She has spent the summer before her junior year of high school following Jake Taylor, recent snowboarding sensation, in every magazine and article she could find. Now he's moved into Silver Springs and she finds out what the reporters and everyone else seems to have missed—Jake's letting the fame go to his head. He's just a jerk and Sophie has no respect or patience for that!

Peaceful Silver Springs, however, has an even bigger problem than Jake's inflated ego. Wildlife is dying inexplicably, tires are getting slashed, and everything seems to be falling apart. Can Jake and Sophie work out their differences to discover what's really been happening at the abandoned silver mine? Follow Sophie and Jake into secret tunnels as they unravel the mystery and challenge each other to become who God wants them to be.

5.25 x 8.00

Leslea Wahl lives in beautiful Colorado with her husband and three children. Their own life of adventure includes traveling, skiing and scuba diving. Leslea strives to write fiction that will inspire readers to use their own talents and gifts to glorify God.

These characters are real, with their faults and their strengths, not so different from the teens and preteens in my life.
-Sarah Reinhard, National Catholic Register

While the characters are Catholic, the message is universal and will appeal to all Christian teens.
-Stephanie Engleman, A Few Beads Short blog, author of A Single Bead

It has a contemporary appeal, likable characters, and a little suspense and romance too.
-Carolyn Astfalk, Relevant Fiction for Body & Soul Blog

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