Windows Into Christ - A Coloring Book for Prayer and Meditation

Laurence Duthoit
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Chartres Cathedral has been a holy pilgrimage destination for centuries, and now colorists of all ages can become pilgrims as well in a creative and contemplative way through Windows into Christ: A Coloring Book for Prayer and Meditation, featuring 50 of the cathedral's 176 renowned stained-glass windows.
Since the 1100s, Catholic faithful have traveled to Chartres to pray and meditate through and with the beauty of its windows-and you can, too, as you add your own jewel tones of light and color to the myriad designs of Windows into Christ.
The detailed medieval images take you on a journey from Jesus' birth to the emptied tomb and the resurrection, and as you color in each image, you'll find yourself moving gently into mindfulness of the story it conveys, into reflection on the Scripture passage, and into prayer and closeness with Christ.


8.50 x 11.00
Windows Into Christ is an extraordinary and unique way to quietly meditate and deepen personal spiritual reflection."
-James A. Cox, Editor-in-Chief, Midwest Book Review

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