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Transformed in Love Leader Guide assists marriage preparation teams and mentor couples to accompany engaged couples and those preparing for convalidation. The Leader Guide provides rich resources and hands on tools to allow Christ to be the foundation these marriages will be built on.
8.50 x 11.00
"For me the strongest aspect of the program is its focus on Catholic marriage. What is the Catholic theology behind marriage? What does it mean to have a sacramental marriage? How is God fully part of an interfaith marriage? Why does the Church advocate Natural Family Planning? Along with more typical and important marriage prep subjects such as communication and finances, this program is unashamed to profess the truth of what we are about."
Rev. Mark O'Connell, JCD, Judicial Vicar, Archdiocese of Boston

"Most marriage preps offer training in practical skills to maintain a marriage. Transformed in Love presents these valuable skills, but its aim is higher-transformation, not simply maintenance. The program introduces couples to the promises God makes to us through his sacrament of marriage, and to the grace he offers as we help each other to grow in holiness."
Therese and Pete Braudis, Team Members, married 44+ years

"Transformed in Love was undoubtedly one of the best things we did during our engagement. We came into the program looking to learn more about each other and the Catholic Church's teachings on marriage, and we came out of the program enriched, enlightened, and totally excited to be husband and wife. The beauty of Transformed in Love is that it centers on Church teaching, which allowed us to more fully understand the truth about sacramental marriage. In that context, we learned how to utilize practical tools to build a strong foundation for our marriage and our future family."
Katie and Benjy, engaged

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