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Yang Gene
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The Rosary Comic Book tells the story of the lives of Jesus and his mother Mary. You can read it, as you would any regular comic book. Or you can pray with it, using the pictures instead of the beads of a traditional rosary. Whichever way you decide to use it, The Rosary Comic Book will bring you closer to Jesus and Mary. Ages 9 - 12

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"This little gem belongs in every CCD program and every Catholic home. Children too often learn to say the rosary repetitions first with the mystery meditations - the essence of this exquisite prayer - introduced but not adequately stressed. With this book children learn the scriptural approach from the beginning. Each bead is represented by a comic book image of Jesus, Mary and others in their gospel context. It is possible to say the complete rosary without the use of beads, using the story board frames as reference. The narrative flows evenly from one mystery to the next, using homey, amusing imagery where appropriate but not sparing the sorrow and tears. Adults will also enjoy this book and find it easy to stay focused in prayer with this gentle companion."
Patricia E. Fulton, Chicago, IL (Amazon)

"This comic is one of a kind! It is a great way of engaging young people in understanding the life of Christ and his Mother. The comic uses language that is easy to understand for both children and adults. Recommended for families and catechetical programs. The author has truly responded to the Holy Father's request for a new presentation of this powerful prayer (#42-43, Rosarium Virginis Mariae)."
JHK "Jose", CA (Amazon)

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