Pilgrims Journey Autobiography Of Ignatius Of Loyola

Tylenda Joseph
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Ignatius Press
Life is a journey. It can also be a pilgrimage--a journey to God but only if we choose to make it so. A Pilgrim's Journey is a practical guide for thinking about and finding the way to God, and to making the journey to God a life well-lived. Bringing an attorney's intellect to bear on question of truth, James Barrett explores reason, science, conscience, and mystery to find a solid answer the question of life's purpose. A Pilgrim's Journey is a popular, accessible work of apologetics and evangelization. It refutes atheistic and secular humanist claims about God and human destiny and makes the case for Christian faith. At the same time, it is a meditation and personal reflection to help the reader turn mind and heart to God's love.
5.30 x 8.00
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