My Storytime Bible

Renita Boyle
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Pauline Books & Media B
Slithering snakes, wise kings, larger-than-life whales, and a little baby born to save us all

The true story of God's amazing love comes alive in My Storytime Bible with the help of playful words and delightful pictures. Interactive questions invite children to relate the Bible to their own experiences.

Perfect for ages 4 - 7 and an excellent read aloud for little ones.

9.25 x 8.25

Renita Boyle is the author of Parable Fun for Little Ones and many others. Renita has been gathering stories and skills like tinder to flame for most of her life. She grew up in America where her great grandfather was a lumberjack brim full of Paul Bunyan stories. She moved to Scotland in 1985 and continues to enjoy the rich global tradition of tale-telling.

Melanie Florian is an author and illustrator born in 1982 in Strasbourg, France. She has had a passion for drawing, painting, and telling stories since she was a little girl.

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