Meeting Christ In Sacraments

Oneill Colman
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This revision of "Meeting Christ in the Sacraments" restores to theology the study of the Sacraments which in the last several decades has been left largely to the liturgists, apologists, pastoral theologians and ecclesiologists. Written on the cusp of the Second Vatican Council, this work recapitulates the achievements of a sacramental theology which can be rightly called classical. Father O'Neill was well versed in modern scriptural exegesis and the Fathers of the Church; he knew the works of St. Thomas Aquinas and the commentatorial tradition which explains them; he was very familiar with the "new theologians," such as Fathers Chenu and Congar at Le Saulchoir and Father Edward Schillebeeckx and Nijmegen. In short, the attentive reader will discover in these pages the evidence of a highly developed theological culture. As a result of the minor revisions made to the text by Father Romanus Cessario, OP, visiting professor at the University of Fribourg and member of the Pontifical Faculty of the Immaculate Conception (Dominican House of Studies) in Washington, D.C., students of theology now possess an up-to-date study that examines the central theses which properly belong to sacramental theology.
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Colman E. O'Neill, OP (+1987) was for many years a professor of dogmatic theology at the University of Fribourg, Switzerland, where he wrote widely on sacramental and liturgical matters. The inspiration for the title of this work comes from a statement of St. Ambrose: "You have shown yourself to me, Christ, face to face. I meet you in the sacraments."
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