Luke The Song Of Gods Mercy

Bosetti Elena
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Along the road to Emmaus, a mysterious Pilgrim appears and approaches two desolate travelers. He accompanies, questions, comforts, and enlightens them. He confronts them, and then shares a meal with them. Bread is broken, and suddenly hearts are enflamed, eyes are opened, and the disciples' heavy journey is transformed into hope. Their journey, made together with Jesus, changes their lives but also impacts our own. We too are launched on this journey of encounter, discovery, conversion, and announcement of news so good that it must be shared; of a melody so stirring, it must find a home in the heart of every listener: the song of God's mercy.

The Scriptures are our daily bread; broken and shared, they nourish our faith-life and enliven our souls. The ancient tradition of lectio divina, or "sacred reading," practiced by individuals and groups today, is once more anchoring the Church to the Word and enriching personal spirituality. With these well-versed and insightful reflections, Scripture scholar Elena Bosetti brings a prayerful, uniquely feminine, and deeply human perspective to God's Word and provides the springboard for a more fruitful Gospel lectio. She helps us engage the Word in new ways, so that it can take deeper root within us, challenging our perspectives and broadening our horizons, and always shedding light on our own life's journey.

Ideal for prayer groups, Bible study groups, individual spiritual reading, and adult faith formation.

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Elena Bosetti was born in Trento, Italy, and is a Sister of Jesus the Good Shepherd of the Pauline Family, which was founded by Blessed James Alberione. She teaches New Testament at the Pontifical Gregorian University and the Theological Institute of Consecrated Life (Clarentianum) in Rome, as well as the Institute of Religious Studies in Modena, Italy. She is a member of the Italian Biblical Association and of the National Coordination of Biblical Apostolate. She collaborates in various forms of evangelization, including radio, and is the author of many popular books on Scripture.

What Are People Saying about this Title?

"The recent Synod on the Word of God insisted on the reading and praying of the Holy Scriptures. Study leads to prayer. An old Jewish tradition considers the study of Scripture as the 'sanctification of the name of God,' and the Church continues this tradition in lectio divina..."
Frédéric Manns, OFM, Professor of New Testament and Ancient Jewish Literature, Studium Biblicum of Jerusalem

"Sister Elena Bosetti's insights into the Word of God not only inform the mind, but they also inspire the heart. Her work is the fruit of both fine scholarship and a living relationship with the Word himself, Jesus Christ. What a marvelous combination!"
Paul Helfrich, BH, Catholic Chaplain, Boston University

"Sr. Elena's commentary on Luke is one of those rare books that is accessible without being dumbed down, insightful without being overly technical. The book is what it bills itself as, a contemplative reading. Given the renewed interest in the Bible in the Catholic Church, this book is a must read for persons of all faiths."

"Superbly done."

"Luke's feminine touch would naturally be a great topic for an accomplished biblical scholar and sister, and Sr. Elena has come through splendidly."
K. Schultz (Pittsburgh, PA), customer review

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