Lights Camera Faith (B) Movie Lovers Guide To Scripture

Malone & Pacatte
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This second volume of Lights, Camera... Faith! provides new thought-provoking passages into the world of the Gospels through popular film. By exploring 74 movies in the light of the Sunday Scriptures, Malone and Pacatte create a dialogue between Scripture and film, engaging faith through culture and culture through faith.

Insight, inspiration, and information meet in this valuable resource for anyone who appreciates deeper meaning in movies. Ideal for homilists, parish discussion groups, young adult groups, film educators, and professionals.


  • Movie synopsis
  • Film commentary
  • Film dialogue with the Sunday Scriptures
  • Points for reflection and conversation
  • Suggested prayers


7.00 x 9.20

"The drama of popular culture is used as a bridge to connect us with the drama of the Mass-the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus."
Michael J. Daley, St. Anthony Messenger

"This is a wonderful new resource that pairs a host of popular, 'secular,' films with lectionary readings. It is full of rich resources for integrating faith and films."
Mary Hess, Ph.D., Assistant Professor of Educational Leadership, Luther Seminary

"Lights, Camera... Faith! is the most imaginative and engaging contemporary contribution to the art of preaching, making Hollywood a splendid resource for the pulpit. The homilies are still to be written and some of the films to be seen, but the method is now ours for the taking!"
Walter J. Burghardt, SJ, Senior Fellow, Woodstock Theological Center, Georgetown University

"Clearly, Peter Malone and Rose Pacatte love movies, love Jesus, and love the Church. Use this book as a guide for selecting and reflecting on your next video from Blockbuster. It is excellent!"
Robert K. Johnston, Ph.D., Fuller Seminary, CA., Author, Reel Spirituality

"Malone has a deep theological and aesthetic appreciation for movies as vehicles of revelation."
The Rev. Canon Bill Lewellis, Episcopal Diocese of Bethlehem, PA

"A great service to the Church!"
Sandra Bowden, President, Christians in the Visual Arts

"An invaluable resource for preachers, educators, discussion leaders, and anyone who simply appreciates a fresh take on Scripture."
Richard A. Blake, SJ, America, film reviewer, Co-director of Film Studies, Boston College

"This book, integrating spirituality and film, is long overdue. Everyone will want it on their shelf!"
Angela Ann Zukowski, MHSH, D.Min., Member of the Pontifical Council for Social Communications

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