Journey of Our Love - The Letters of St Gianna Beretta & Pietro Molla

Elio Guerriero
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Turn the pages to the love story of Saint Gianna and her devoted husband Pietro - as told in their own words.

Gianna Beretta was thirty-two and Pietro was forty-two when they met one another in 1954. Their relationship quickly progressed from mere acquaintance, to genuine friendship, to passionate commitment with the exchange of wedding vows in 1955.

Between the years 1955 and 1962, Gianna and Pietro corresponded through a series of letters, collected here. In an age without cell phones and e-mail, letters were a highly valued mode of communication, especially due to Pietro's frequent job-related travels. Touching, inspiring, and refreshingly human, their exchanges during this brief time reflect the everyday experiences and the abounding love of a modern day couple. Offering glimpses into their courtship, engagement, and marriage, they fill a significant chapter in the book of Christian spirituality. They reveal that the way of holiness can unfold in the midst of this world. From balancing work and family life, to dealing with a long-distance relationship, to parenting, to coping with illness and death, Gianna and Pietro conquered it all. But none of it was accomplished without tremendous trust in each other - and in God.

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