How To Handle Worry (Rev) Catholic Approach

Cook Marshall
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Anxiety can destroy your peace of mind and erode your prayer life. In How to Handle Worry, Marshall Cook offers practical suggestions for dealing with worries and banishing anxieties. He explores strategies for creating and maintaining harmony by drawing on our faith and bringing our burdens to God in prayer. With humor and insight, Marshall brings a faith perspective to managing stress.


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Marshall J. Cook is a professor in the Department of Liberal Studies and the Arts at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. He teaches workshops, seminars, and credit courses on writing and editing, creativity, stress management, and media relations and often speaks at conferences nationwide. He has published several books on stress management and has even been a guest on "Oprah" to discuss the topic. Marshall holds his BA in creative writing and his MA in communications from Stanford University. He has been married to Ellen since 1968, and they have one son, Jeremiah.
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