Every Parent's Battle

Spencer Dan
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Ever struggled to find the right words to talk about the threat of pornography with your kids? Too many of us avoid the subject, depending on simple technology filters to protect them. Yet children at very early ages are under attack and at risk to fall prey to pornography addiction. As parents, we must be prepared to deal with the issue head-on. "Every Parent’s Battle: A Family Guide to Resisting Pornography" not only exposes the frightening prevalence of pornography in our sex-obsessed culture, it equips parents with concrete and tested strategies to educate their kids about intimacy, human dignity, and sexuality as God intended it to be.
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Dan S. Spencer III is a writer and speaker who travels the country educating people of all ages on resisting pornography. He has been a guest on EWTN television and radio. He is the former executive director of the National Fellowship of Catholic Men, a board member of the annual Men of Valor anti-pornography conference, a co-founder of the Catholic Business Network, and the founder of Project Patriarch, an apostolate for men over fifty. Dan and his wife, Linda, have four children and eleven grandchildren. They live in a suburb of Kansas City, Kansas.
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