Easter Story Bible Activity Book

Lane Leena
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A fun way for kids to read the Bible!

Looking for a new way to help your 4 - 7 year olds actively encounter Jesus in the Gospels? Give them Easter Story Bible Activity Book and let the fun begin! Children will discover the story of Easter by way of bright illustrations, age-appropriate puzzles, word searches, and activities. Fun drawings and fill-in-the-blanks enhance the text, engaging young readers and helping them focus on the stories. Learning through doing, children will come to treasure the Scriptures in a whole new way.

8.25 x 11.00

Sally Ann Wright trained as a teacher and is now married with four children. She has been a Sunday school teacher, is actively involved in her local church, and has written several children's bibles as well as other books for children including Where Do Babies Come From?, My First Easter Sticker Book, My First Christmas Sticker Book, and Bible Adventures and Activities.

"Designed to educate and entertain children ages 4-7 while exploring the story and true meaning of Easter, Easter Story is a treasure trove of colorfully illustrated Bible stories enriched with related word games and other fun activity ideas The Easter Story Bible Activity Book is an excellent addition to children's Easter baskets or other gifts, providing many hours of related learning activities and fun."
-Diane Donovan, Midwest Book Review Editor

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