Confirmation For Teens Leaders Guide

Repp Debbie
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Liguori Publications
Liguori’s original 12 lesson program for your students—including a full retreat. Contemporary art and graphics give the lessons youth appeal without sacrificing any worthwhile content. An excellent supplement to an existing program, Confirmation for Teens can easily be used as a complete program. The Teacher's Guide helps fully coordinate the student lessons. Written especially for the maturity and interest levels of today's teens, each lesson is designed to help candidates understand the commitment involved in this important sacrament and enhance their experience of confirmation in a meaningful and memorable way. Features: • Individual lessons begin with background information and end with a summary • Discussion questions promote class involvement • Activities enhance lessons and help students retain what they’ve learned • Includes suggestions for service projects to get candidates started • Eye-catching illustrations supplement the easy-to-read text Lesson topics include: Lesson 1: Food For Our Great Journey Lesson 2: The Parish Commitment Ceremony Lesson 3: The Sacraments of Initiation: Our Introduction to the Life of the Church Lesson 4: We Believe... Lesson 5: A Brief History of the Sacrament Lesson 6: The Sacarament of the Holy Spirit Lesson 7: Holy Spirit, Bearer of Gifts Lesson 8: A Sacrament of Christian Witness Lesson 9: Signs and Symbols of the Sacrament of Confirmation Lesson 10: Celebration of the Rite of Confirmation Lesson 11: Summary, Review, and some final thoughts Lesson 12: Confirmation Candidate Retreat Day
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