Brigid & Butter Legend About St Brigid Of Ireland

Love Pamela
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A young girl opens her heart with generosity and love.

Brigid is captivated by the story Bishop Patrick tells her village about Jesus feeding many hungry people with five loaves and two fishes. She wants to feed many hungry people, but she is often hungry herself. She and her mother work hard each day on their master's farm. Many days they have only bread and butter for dinner. When a beggar woman asks for the only food Brigid has-a dish of butter-she knows she can feed the person in front of her and opens her heart with generosity and love like Jesus. Find out what happens in this story of the first miracle of St. Brigid of Ireland. Beautiful illustrations and an engaging story encourage children ages 4 to 7 to learn more about the life of this generous saint!


6.25 x 7.50

Pamela Love grew up in New Jersey and attended Bucknell University in Lewisburg, Pennsylvania. She was a teacher and a marketer before turning to writing. Pamela is the author of numerous children's picture books and has written many stories and poems for children's magazines. She is also a contributor to Family Matters: Thirteen Short Stories, published by Pauline Books & Media. She lives with her husband and son in Maryland.

About the Illustrator Apryl Stott grew up in southern California and left the beach to get her degree inillustration and design at Brigham Young University. She loves illustrating, problem-solving, and creating. Other titles she's illustrated for Pauline Books & Media include Daddy, Am I Beautiful? and Bible Stories for Little Ones.

Brigid "was such a giving Saint. People received many miracles from her. This is such a great book. I promise you won't be disappointed."
-Emily Davis, Our Home, Mary's Mantle

"Brigid and the Butter is enriched with child-like appealing illustrations and is finished with a lovely Prayer to Saint Brigid."
-Midwest Book Review

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