2024 Manual para Proclamadores de la Palabra

Diaz & Fierro & Lugo & Duarte
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Liturgy Training Publ


This Manual offers the approved texts for Sunday Bible readings arranged in meaningful lines and accompanied by the most necessary biblical and liturgical information, to help liturgical readers and proclaimers better prepare to reverently and effectually proclaim the Word of God before the assembly. If it is used continuously, the Manual helps to forge a solid technical, biblical and spiritual formation in the readers; Thus, they collaborate so that each celebration is the source and culmination of the life of the Church.

It contains:

  • The text of the biblical readings to facilitate rehearsal and practice alone or in a group to gain confidence and proclaim them with aplomb before the assembly
  • Explanatory comments on the readings to better understand their meaning and meaning
  • Marginal notes with suggestions for emphasis and speed of proclamation
  • An introduction with pastoral and theological orientations to better carry out this precious ministry of the Word in the mass.

If proclaiming the Word is your vocation, this is the resource you need to grow in your ministry. If preparing readers is your responsibility, this book is a precious instrument for all ministers to carry out their service to the People of God effectively.

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