I Pray Every Day

Jablonski & Tebo
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Pauline Books & Media B
Encourage children ages 6 to 8 to learn how to pray in every part of their day!

To start the practice of prayer, sometimes all children need is a reminder that prayer can be said at any time, for any occasion. This beautifully illustrated book encourages children ages 6 to 8 to learn how to pray in every part of their day. From rising in the morning, to making mistakes, to talking to God before bed, children will see that prayer can be integrated into everything we do. The easy-to-read text and relatable situations inspire children to be spontaneous in their prayer and to use it throughout the day.

This book's bright illustrations and complementary prayers show children how many opportunities there are to converse with God. The reading level is ideal for emerging or hesitant readers, but is engaging for all kindergarten through third graders. The inclusion of traditional prayers, such as the Hail Mary and Our Father, also give children an arsenal of memorized prayer to use whenever they might need it. No matter the situation, this book will support children in their spiritual growth and understanding of prayer.

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