Heavens Homecoming

Mckay Douglas
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Holy Family Home
Heaven's Homecoming written by Father Douglas McKay is a beautiful look at the qualities of the elderly and their deep understanding of love, heaven, and faith. Fr. McKay served as the priest at Holy Family Home run by the Little Sisters of the Poor for 18 years. These elderly residents were truly "professors of faith," and the eulogistic stories told within these pages will make you laugh and cry. Under the patronage of Saint Jeanne Jugan and her Little Sisters of the Poor, these residents show their humble faith, wonderful humor, and determination to reach their final destination of heaven. They teach us all that growing old isn't a curse, but a blessing. The string throughout the book is the priest's relationship with each of these individuals, and how each one of them helps him come a step closer to overcoming his fear of death and dying. Filled with wisdom, the accounts of their final moments on earth proclaim, most especially, the Lord's command: "Be not afraid."


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Father Douglas McKay was ordained in 1982 for the archdiocese of Philadelphia. As a priest, he has ministered in parishes, hospitals, prisons, schools, neighborhood bars, playgrounds, and on the streets. Since 1993, he has been the chaplain of Holy Family Home, serving the elderly with the Little Sisters of the Poor. He is also the founder and chaplain of Our House Ministries, Inc., and Addiction Resource Center, established in 1997 in the Grays Ferry section of the city. He serves as chaplain of the Calix Society, Philadelphia Unit, that proclaims the Catholic faith to the Alcoholics Anonymous membership. Father resides at Holy Family Home.
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