Loving My (LGBT) Neighbor

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Does it seem like we’re just fumbling through the LGBT conversation—trying our best, but failing? It doesn’t have to be this way. As director for Global Family Formation Studies at Focus on the Family, Glenn Stanton often debates with LGBT advocates across the country. "I get to hang out and become friends with those who live on the other side of the same-sex marriage issue from me," he says. "We disagree on certain convictions, but we still admire and esteem one another . . . . Since when was it decided that people who see the world in polar opposite ways can’t be friends?" With this posture, Stanton offers insight on such questions as: What if you’re invited to a same-sex wedding? What did Jesus say—and not say—about homosexuality? Is anyone getting this right? Loving My (LGBT) Neighbor is a wise, compassionate, practical, and thoroughly biblical guide for followers of Christ seeking to navigate some of the most challenging issues of our time in grace and truth.
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Glenn T. Stanton is the director of Family Formation Studies at Focus on the Family in Colorado Springs and a research fellow at the Institute of Marriage amd Family in Ottawa. He debates and lectures extensively on the issues of gender, sexuality, marriage and parenting at universities and churches around the world. Stanton served the George W. Bush administration for many years as a consultant on increasing fatherhood involvement in the Head Start program. Glenn is an author and contributor to many books and is quoted as a leading spokesperson on marriage and family issues. His latest book, Loving My (LGBT) Neighbor: Being Friends in Grace and Truth, explores how Christians should interact with gay or lesbian neighbors in a Christ-honoring way. He is also the author of The Ring Makes All the Difference and Secure Daughters, Confident Sons: How Parents Guide Their Children into Authentic Masculinity and Femininity. Stanton is a graduate of the University of West Florida with graduate degrees in philosophy and history. He now makes his home in Colorado Springs with his wife and five children.
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